Create It 


Forging social togetherness while we're physically distanced 


We are all seeking answers as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change our daily lives. Among the uncertainty the reliable voices of influencers have emerged as a beacon of hope, advice and comfort. 


Our Create It Forward Initiative

Influencers are small business owners, and many are currently suffering the effects of economic instability that cause advertisers to freeze or cancel campaigns once slated to utilize influencers.


In order to keep our close-knit community active and promote COVID-19 safety measures, Inmar is establishing the Create It Forward program. Through this initiative we will establish opportunities for influencers to produce content showcasing topics, tips and motivational stories promoting ways to stay productive, maintain social distancing, bond with family and, of course, fight the continuous spread of the pandemic.

How It Works

We have created a distribution fund for this initiative, from which Influencers can draw in exchange for the creation of content. Participating influencers choose the payment amount they accept for creating content relevant to COVID-19. Influencers willing to participate for standard rates (or those willing to create content without payment) will allow more open slots for other content creators -- especially those in need of work -- to join the program.


Each creator will choose from a list of topics they and we deem necessary for additional coverage during the pandemic’s outbreak, including, but not limited to social distancing techniques, tips for safer shopping, activities for families and children, and more

Influencers combine significant reach and honest, relevant viewpoints to create powerful movements













"Keeping Kids Active AND Safe During Social Distancing"

"Maintaining a Healthy(ish) Diet During Home Isolation"

"Weightless Workout Routines You Can Do at Home"

"A Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering Curbside Grocery Pickup"

"DIY Home Projects to Pass the (Seemingly Endless) Time"

"The Shows & Movies I'm Binging While Socially Distanced"

How Brands Can Participate

Donate to the #WeCreateItForward Distribution Fund

More funding means more influencers involved, and more beneficial content shared

Activate Your Own #WeCreateItForward Influencer Campaign

Sponsor a campaign promoting your products and showcasing their usefulness during the crisis

Share Influencers' #WeCreateItForward Content

Utilize your platform and its significant reach to promote the in-demand content influencers are creating

Why Work With Inmar Intelligence?

The Inmar Intelligence Influencer Marketing platform (formerly known as Collective Bias) brings over a decade of data and experience to your Influencer activations. Using data-driven campaign planning tools, AI-assisted selection, skilled content amplification and industry-leading measurement tools, we construct and manage campaigns focused acutely on your desired outcomes.

Why Influencers Right Now?

Influencers are a delivery vehicle for powerful, personal messages of positivity. Utilize their voices to show how your products can help during these times of uncertainty, along with tools and technology that showcase conveniences and facilitate isolation-friendly shopping.



Real, authentic and inspiring voices of actual consumers


+32% increase in Instagram browsing during outbreak



Delivery of real-life solutions fit for current circumstances

We Are a Resource, Unconditionally

As lives continue to change in response to the outbreak, we are actively monitoring consumer trends and sentiment for your brand and category. We look forward to sharing our research and the opportunities we see for your brand to stay connected with consumers as their lifestyles adapt & habits change. Let's connect and discuss unique ways to support your business and the customers you serve as they seek useful advice from their peers.